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Purek0 farming.

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1biggri Purek0 farming. on Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:36 pm

My Name Is I

My Name Is I
Forum Helper
Forum Helper
Your in-game name: I
Player (reportee): purek0
What did he/she do?: farming.
Evidence?: picture.
Pictures?: always.
Witnesses?: a kid named biasta was on but he didnt see it.
Anything else: i find it pretty funny cause he rages Wink

Hey guys, i caught "puerk0" farming and i tried to figure out where he was going to farm...I couldnt get a screen shot while i killed em but the picture i have proves that they were farming. In the picture i kill the first guy with random letters as his name, and i dont receive any souls (was in soul trap) and as i kill "purek0" i receive aprox.140k souls.

^picture to help my report.

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