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3v1l Turk farming

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1biggri 3v1l Turk farming on Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:58 pm

Sick My Duck

Your in-game name: Sick My Duck
Player (reportee): 3v1l turk
What did he/she do?: soul farming
Evidence?: picture
Witnesses?: evil guthix , thilken
Anything else: he did it like all the time he's probably still doing it

2biggri Re: 3v1l Turk farming on Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:04 pm

3v1l turk

actually he ASKED me to kill him and he said i was a loser so yhea i get pissed and kill him 3 times... not farming

3biggri Re: 3v1l Turk farming on Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:00 pm

Choke On Air

Im pretty sure i was on my ghost acc when this happened and i saw someone without armour asking for someone to kill them. This isnt necessarily farming unless it is done repeatedly. Although it may be considered farming if you often kill people who have just died and ran into wildy to loot their fcape and such items that show up for them. Killing those players is not only a really a$$ of a move, but also is giving you free souls, so it is considered farming.

What 3v1l did however, was not at all farming.

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