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hey guys...

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1biggri hey guys... on Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:52 am


Hey all my freinds and new players i am still playing the sever is staying up we can still play. The thing is too make the sever become what it was is bring back the rest of the players. I a willing to contact all my freinds and tell them to start back up. I am playing another sever atm but i still got all lot more time for this one. Spread the word about the sever and make sure people will still come back if we get enough people.

2biggri Re: hey guys... on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:05 am

Eddies Fan

Lol...Why do you have a 25% warning for? >_<

3biggri Re: hey guys... on Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:09 am


honestly i really dont know.. but if you want to eddie we can skype just call me when you want k

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