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Siege of Falador

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1biggri Siege of Falador on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:19 pm


The Siege of Falador was a massive battle that occurred during the Year 164 of the Fifth Age, fought primarily between the Kinshra of northern Asgarnia and the city of Falador. The battle was the final major conflict of the War of 164, ultimately giving Asgarnia a pyrrhic victory over the Kinshra.

The battle was the ultimate endgame of Lord Sulla, a Kinshra lord that had risen to power by assassinating the successor of the late Lord Shadwell. Allying himself with multiple mercenary, criminal, and tribal organisations, Sulla had managed to deal considerable damage to Asgarnia as a whole.

[u][i][b]Morytanian Conflicts

In the winter of the Year 164, a werewolf named Jerrod was employed as a personal agent of Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, the vampyre overlord of Morytania. Drakan, having conquered Hallowvale during the cataclysmic God Wars of the Third Age, had long been an open enemy of Misthalin and the human kingdoms beyond. However, due to the intervention of the Seven Priestly Warriors during the late 1100s of the Fourth Age, Drakan had been unable to send his hordes to invade the region, the holy River Salve and the Paterdomus temple impassable. For millennia he would continue to hold Morytania under his thumb, unable to expand his borders beyond the Salve.

In 164, the River Salve was breached by a young rebel werewolf named Gar'rth, who sought to escape Morytania and abandon the werewolves' bloodthirsty ways of life. Endowing an ancient and secret spell, he managed to cross the Salve and travel far to the west, miraculously managing to avoid detection even as he travelled through the Misthalanian capital of Varrock. The werewolves' extremely low birth rate, however, made such departure unnacceptable to House Drakan and the werewolves of Canifis.

Seeking to bring Gar'rth back, Drakan sent Jerrod, a distinguished werewolf veteran and uncle to Gar'rth. Crossing the Salve with the direct aid of Drakan, Jerrod passed through Misthalin and into southern Asgarnia, a process that took several months and took a heavy toll on his nerves.

Jerrod, whilst searching Asgarnia for his nephew, was forced to feed on travellers, farmers, and wandering gypsies, his brutal murders prompting a massive influx of refugees to seek shelter in Falador. After failing multiple times to find Gar'rth, Jerrod allied himself with Lord Sulla, the leader of the Kinshra. Proving himself a valuable soldier during the Battle of the Monastery, Jerrod played a key role in the events of the War.

Kinshu Front

Meanwhile, as Jerrod searched Asgarnia, Sulla usurped the Kinshra throne by assassinating the successor to Lord Shadwell. The victim, an unpopular lord that had failed both militarily and diplomatically since his inaguaration in 163, was not missed.
Sulla, an infamous Kinshra veteran, immediately put into motion his war plan, which would ideally wipe out the Asgarnian government and end the White Knights. Gaining the support of some 500 chaos dwarves under the Zamorakian extremist dwarf Thorbarkin, Sulla's military capability was bolstered significantly with the addition of gunpowder-based artillery.

Nearly doubling his powers by hiring mercenaries from the Wilderness, Sulla's army became a severe threat to Asgarnian homeland security. Sulla then managed to liberate roughly 10,000 goblins from the goblin tribal settlements near Ice Mountain, making his numbers far greater than the White Knights'. Only the Thorobshuun and Garagorshuun tribes, which had been on peaceful terms with their human neighbors since roughly the Year 720 of the Fourth Age, refused to aid Sulla.

Allying himself with Jerrod, Sulla led his force of 20,000 soldiers to the pine forests north of Falador, thus beginning the final phase of the War of 164.

The Battle

Falador, the primary site of the battle.

Mobilisation of Faladian Forces

The Kinshra first came from the North and began burning the settlements in the grasslands north of Falador, and began driving people south. At this time, large groups of thugs and mercenaries in the Wilderness began mobilising, and so too did the goblins. Theodore, Kara, Doric, Gar'rth, and Castimir heard of the Kinshra movements from travellers fleeing towards Falador. This prompted them to return to Falador in a hurry. Falador already had knowledge of the attack by messenger from Edgeville. The White Knights were in discussion at this time, and mobilisation had not truly begun.

Messengers were being sent to the crown prince in Burthorpe, but he did not promise to act (because he was under dark influences, but this was unknown to Falador).

It was decided to not deliver a pre-emptive strike at the Kinshra, for Sir Amik believed it cause them lose their moral standing. Sir Amik's plan was to allow Falador to be besieged, and to have the city guard fight on the walls where the larger numbers of the enemy force as well as their main advantage - advanced cannons - would be less effective. This was disagreed with by many, but the city began preparing for the siege regardless.

The people of Falador were overly confident in the city walls, as they were indeed quite grand, yet were no match for the advanced Kinshra artillery.

Initial Faladian Resistance Effort

At the walls, Faladian citizens and Faladian Guard were doing all in their power to prevent the Kinshra from entering the city, this included sharpened spears surrounding the city, and requesting military assistance from Varrock. Varrock refused to give aid to Falador, and the Kinshra's higher forces eventually overpowered Falador's initial resistance, and it was up to the Guards within the walls, and White Knights to defeat the remaining Black Knights.

The Siege

The Siege of Falador persisted for about 3–5 weeks, and as the enemy forces ravaged the city, Falador's food was being consumed faster than previously anticipated. Sir Amik himself was injured severely in battle, as well as Sir Vyvin, who had lost his right eye (As he currently wears an eyepatch) Young peons, and new recruits into the White Knights, were forced to battle despite their inexperience, as were many citizens and refugees.

The Breaking of the Wall

The Kinshra, with the Chaos Dwarves under Lord Sulla's command, used the multi-cannons to breache the wall. First came north, then east. The breaches in the wall have been very important in the novel Betrayal at Falador, as thanks to the breaches, Sulla had an advantage.
In West Falador, slightly South-West of the bank, there is a crumbled wall. Often used as a shortcut, this could possibly be a remnant from the siege.

The Black Knights rushed through Falador's crumbled wall, raiding and killing all in the east side of Falador.

A Notable Deed

As the Black Knights (Kinshra) started breaching the city walls, three children that had not made it inside the city soon enough, had caught the attention of Lord Sulla. He approached them and cornered the children against a wall. He raised his sword to cleave all three of them through, but his blade was stopped by a shining white sword, held by commander Sir Ving of the White Knights.

The elderly White Knight, age 77, engaged in combat with the Kinshra leader, giving time for the children to escape. However, being advanced in years, the old Knight was no match for Lord Sulla, and in a blow to the stomach dealt by his adversary, Sir Ving was left to bleed to death on the ground.


As the White Knights fled into the castle, Sir Amik received a message from the prince of Burthorpe, which stated that the imperial army was already at Falador's gates, passing through the goblins, Black Knights and chaos dwarfs, and the army broke the Kinshra forces in half after a day of fighting. Soon, the White Knights gained the former strength and with the new recruits the White Knights possibly outnumbered the Black Knights and prepared to battle the Black Knights head on.


As the White Knights fought the remaining Kinshra forces, one of the main Commanders of the Kinshra was killed battling a group of White Knights. Seeing one of their commanders fall by a sword through the heart, the remaining Kinshra forces fled the city in fear. Soon, the White Knights and the remaining Faladian guards chased down the Kinshra to the forest just north of Falador. The Asgarnian forces cried out in victory. News of the White Knight's victory spread quickly. With White Knights victorious, the Kinshra grew furious, and since then, have been plotting once more to seize control of Falador. The death toll was high, with the Kinshra having lost over 90% of their warriors and the Asgarnian forces suffering over 7,500 casualties.

Notable Combatants

A † denotes the individual was killed during the duration of the battle.

United Asgarnian Forces and Allies

Sir Amik Varze
Squire Theodore
Sir Tiffy Cashien
Sir Kuam Ferentse
Sir Vyvin
Commander Blanheim
Captain Ingrew
Lord Tremene
Lord Radebaugh
Squire Marius
Bhuler †
Colonel Payne †
Master Segainus †
Master Troughton †
Master-at-arms †
Sir Pallas †
Sir Erical †

Kinshra Forces

Lord Sulla
Lord Daquarius
Thorbarkin †
Gaius †
Sir Finistere †

2biggri Re: Siege of Falador on Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:07 pm

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Can someone explain the point of this post?

3biggri Re: Siege of Falador on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:43 pm

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Jordan i wish i could. im still boggled by these posts lol. But still like i say if she likes to do this she can but i dont get why its in the guides section of forums.

4biggri Re: Siege of Falador on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:57 pm

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Should be in Off-topic or something it might be misleading to new players.

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