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1biggri Forums - My Opinion on Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:50 pm


Hey, firstly really good job with the forums! Very Happy Loving it. Just a few suggestions/topics to point out. I've had 2 years being a webmaster, and used a wide array of softwares, including the current one. But, I'm not hating - just stating my opinion. Smile

Point 1:

free forum hosts are very restricting, and don't do too well in the long one. If you ever decide to move away, it's going to be hard. Therefore, before you're started maybe host your own copy of the forum to use?

Point 2:
PhpBB Sad

Just from personal opinion/experience Phpbb isn't the best software. If/when the server gets big I highly recommend:

invisionpower . com
vbulletin . com

But until then, a very nice software (should you choose to switch ofc)

mybb . com

Flexible, loads of plugins, fast, not resource intensive, and gives loads more features. Again, not saying you SHOULD just recommending it for thought So don't take this the wrong way please. Smile

Next, maybe get the theme to match the website - that would be awesome. Lastly, try and post a bit in the forums. That way it instigates discussion. Wink

2biggri Re: Forums - My Opinion on Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:55 pm


opinion/suggestion noted

Thanks for the feedback!

3biggri Re: Forums - My Opinion on Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:20 am


Hey Chaos. I see where your coming from, I'm not much a phpBB fan either but aslong as it works. Atm ProximityPKZ is still sort of small, if it ever does get much MUCH larger then I'll consider upgrading to another forum. For the time being though, this is perfect for us. Its free, it doesn't have to be hosted, and if the server/site go off these will remain on.

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