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Funny stuff :p

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1biggri Funny stuff :p on Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:47 pm


Why is six afraid of seven?

Six hasn't been the same since he left Vietnam. Every time he closes his eyes, he's sees Charlie hiding in the darkness of the forest. Not that you could ever see those bastards, mind you. They were fast and they knew their way around the jungle. He remembers the looks on the boy's faces when they walked into that village and... oh Jesus. He shouldn't think about that now. Sometimes he still hears Tex's slow southern drawl. He remembers the smell of Brooklyn's cigarettes. He always had a pack of Luckys. But the boys are gone now... he knows that. It's--it's just that he forgets sometimes. And sometimes the way that seven looks at him... it makes him think. Sets him on edge. And he feels like he's back there... In the jungle... In the darkness.

Seven has a hook for a hand as well, which is very scary.


Funny stuff :p 401535_10150516455383605_337541338604_8871117_1816405555_n


Funny stuff :p 407754_10150515579433605_337541338604_8868333_1166606423_n


Funny stuff :p 394514_10150514447578605_337541338604_8864159_1457062936_n


A bear woke up from his annual hibernation to find that his stomach is growling.
"I sure am hungry." the sleepy bear said.
So he found some berries, but spit them out.
"These berries are far too bitter." the playful bear said.
He then found some honey, however was soon bombarded with a swarm of bees.
"That honey is good, but not that good." the jolly bear said.
He then stumbled upon a cabin.
"I wonder if there is any food in here..." the curteous bear wondered.
The events that followed are now reffered to by the locals as the May 20th Massacre. While no witnesses survived, the police reports depict that the Martinez family, a young family of 7 enjoying their memorial day weekend in their New Hampshire cabin, was brutally slain by a blood-thirsty animal who tracked each of them throughout the house in a period of approximately 45 minutes.


Funny stuff :p 383955_10150512341953605_337541338604_8855966_771565580_n


Funny stuff :p 375347_10150511992533605_337541338604_8854078_1997922609_n


Funny stuff :p 390700_10150509576608605_337541338604_8843399_1277734910_n


Ask me if I'm a tree.

Are you a tree?



why did the chicken cross the road?
because chickens are very absent-minded creatures. the chances are the chicken saw some form of bug or other edible life form from across the road and decided to venture over in that direction. if the road was not there, the chicken would most likely have still crossed that same expanse of ground, regardless of potential consequences.


Funny stuff :p 405586_10150502839233605_337541338604_8820030_1854178124_n

2biggri Re: Funny stuff :p on Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:07 pm

Choke On Air

heard/saw most of them already but some were pretty nostalgic. anyways i lol'd a little

3biggri Re: Funny stuff :p on Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:32 pm


I will save you! Tree powers activate! *turns into a tree*

4biggri Re: Funny stuff :p on Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:59 pm

Choke On Air


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