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1biggri Feedback/Suggestions. on Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:00 pm


Well, the server and the concept is very good. From what I've read on Rune-Server, this is a new/semi-new server, so I understand somethings are still being worked out.

In-Game Suggestions.
Skills; you have more variations to collect Souls/Coins.
Achievements; again, you would be able to get Souls easier and a quick amount (ex: Kill 10 players - 10k Souls or something along the lines of that.)
10 Seconds Rule/Timer; If someone runs into safe zone, you both are able to attack each other for 10 seconds.

Forum Suggestions
Forums are good. You can go with an extra few boards though.
One I can name is GFX Section.
The Feedback/Suggestions. I_icon_mini_home is an image, and it should be a tab. I can help you with those if you would like.
There is a random box on my screen right below the tabs though (I'm looking at it when I created this post.) It is approximently 2.5 inches give or take...It don't look like it is being used for anything (I'll provide a screenshot of this if you don't see it yourself, it could just be me and my shitty FireFox.)

2biggri Re: Feedback/Suggestions. on Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:10 pm


Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, Alex is always busy coding trying to fix everything and add new content as far as I'm aware, the forums are slowly being fixed up, if you want someone to talk to, either PM Lindsey or Jake they're the only 2 I know of that work on the forums.


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